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Most vinyl is completely waterproof in addition to durable, able to withstand heavy traffic. However, it still needs routine care and maintenance to keep it looking its best! Just a small effort on your part will help your flooring maintain its beauty for many years to come.

Vinyl Care & Maintenance | Barefoot Flooring, Inc.
Daily care & maintenance

You should start by placing heavy furniture on protective mats. You should also use doormats to trap dirt before it gets all over your flooring. Encourage your guests to take off outdoor shoes before walking across your new flooring as well. 

For routine care, you should regularly sweep, dry mop, and vacuum your flooring using a manufacturer-approved vacuum cleaner without a beater bar. You may wish to occasionally wet mop your vinyl.

Dealing with spills

You'll encounter the occasional mess on your vinyl flooring, no matter how careful you are. Fortunately, most messes are simple to clean. For common household spills, simply wipe them away with a cloth. For tougher messes like wax, nail polish, or gum, you'll want to refer to your manufacturer's cleaning guidelines.

If your flooring needs more than just a dry surface clean, use a manufacturer-approved cleaning solution (which we carry in our store) and follow their guidelines. For most approved cleaning solutions, you just need to spray and wipe dry without any unnecessary rinsing or washing.

Vinyl Care & Maintenance | Barefoot Flooring, Inc.
Additional Resources

For care tips, stain removal tips, vacuum guidelines, and more, take a look at this list of useful information from the experts at Shaw!

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