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Laminate is easy to care for, but it still requires a little TLC as any other flooring solution does. Regular care will prolong its appearance, functionality, and durability for many years to come!

Daily care and maintenance

First, incorporate some preventative maintenance tips. Have guests remove shoes before walking across your flooring. Invest in doormats and place them around your home. Take care when moving heavy furniture and consider using area rugs and floor protectors to add some extra padding. 


Next, establish a regular care routine. Frequently sweep, dry mop, and vacuum your flooring as needed. The occasional wet mop will help, too! 

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Tips to remove wine on laminate floor by proper care and maintenance | Barefootflooring
Dealing with spills

Wipe away any liquid messes with a clean cloth as soon as you see them occur. While some newer laminate flooring products include waterproof finishes, most do not. Therefore, it's essential to treat these spills right away. For more stubborn messes, see our stain removal guide. When you want to give your laminate flooring a deeper clean, use a manufacturer-approved hard surface cleaner.

Additional Resources

Here is a list of additional care and maintenance tips plus stain removal resources to help keep your laminate flooring looking beautiful.

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