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It's modern hardwood flooring with a twist. Bamboo is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and tough. In fact, it's rated harder than red oak! It's also versatile, available in a range of colors and styles. We have no doubt that bamboo is here to stay! 

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Cork Floor | Barefoot Flooring, Inc.

Go green with cork flooring! Cork is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees, which does not actually harm the tree. Therefore, cork is sustainable and environmentally friendly. And we're not talking about boring beige cork. Today's cork flooring is available in many colors and designs. You'll also love its insulating properties!

Flooring Supplies

Come visit our store to browse through all of our flooring supplies. We carry a hard-surface cleaner and a carpet cleaner from Shaw, a carpet stain and soil remover and a grout cleaner from Mohawk, a mop kit for hard-surface flooring from Shaw with accessories and felt pads for floor protectors, and furniture moving slides from Shaw. 

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Lighting and fans

Our innovative fans from Fanimation are functional and high-tech. Each one enhances the look of any room, becoming a beautiful focal point as well as a work of art. Learn more about lighting and ceiling fans now.

Radiant Heating

Wouldn't it be nice if your hard-surface flooring stayed warm and comfortable underfoot all winter long? With radiant heating, it can! This is a unique under-floor heating system that is both clean and energy-efficient. It's luxury you never knew existed!

Pet Friendly Luxury Vinyl | Barefoot Flooring, Inc.

The right underlayment can enhance the long-term wear and performance of many types of floors. Some companies even give substantial extensions to warranty coverage when the recommended underlayment is used.

Ask our sales staff about the different types and grades of underlayment—we’ll be glad to advise you so you’ll be sure to have the best performance and most satisfaction from your new floor.

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